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Antree Pasta Maker Attachment

The pasta Maker Attachment for kitchenaid stand mixers is a practical alternative to make pasta without having to boil water or use a rfc economizer, this Attachment comes with a lid that prevents sticking and makes it effortless to dough. The burr grater is fantastic for shredded cheese or other ingredients, the pasta Maker Attachment can make any type of pasta.

3-1 Ravioli Maker & Pasta Maker Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

3-1 Ravioli Maker & Pasta

By Antree


ANTREE 3-1 Ravioli Maker & Pasta Maker Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixer

ANTREE 3-1 Ravioli Maker &

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ANTREE 3-1 Ravioli Maker & Pasta Maker Attachment for Kitchenaid Stand Mixers In

ANTREE 3-1 Ravioli Maker &

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Antree Pasta Maker Attachment 3 In-1

The pasta Maker Attachment 3 in-1 peerless for making large pasta dishes or try pasta shapes and sizes with this powerful tool, the Attachment 3 in-1 can mix and cut different pasta shapes and sizes, while the cutter 3 in-1 helps fake a sterling pasta dish by shaping each step of the process. The mixer Attachment can this pasta Maker is excellent for making whole pasta noodles or made with just using antree's 3-in-1 roller, the rollers are facile to operate and are splendid for making various pasta types including wholemeal, white, black, and yellow pasta. The pasta Maker also provides a pre-infusion stage which helps to create a smooth consistency for your pasta dish, the pasta Maker Attachment 3 in 1 set for kitchenaid stand mixers is a sensational addition to your kitchen. This Attachment makes making pasta effortless and fun, it can be used to make pasta from scratch, or using pre-made pasta. The Attachment also includes a pictured in this review is used to make spaghetti from scratch, the pasta Maker is a beneficial substitute to get creative with your pasta dishes. This tool grants an 3-in-1 pasta Maker roller, cutter attachment, and attachmentmixer, it lets you create anything from zucchini pasta to manna pasta. The roller makes creating your own pasta dish uncomplicated and fun, the cutter Attachment helps with cooking the pasta and makes it basic to cut into various sizes. The attachmentmixer is a helpful tool for creating a variety of pasta combinations.