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Motor For Pasta Maker

Marcato is an electric pasta Maker that uses a Motor to move the pasta around, the atlas electric Motor is exceptional For making pasta from scratch or from stock. Plus, it gives a For making pasta from pre-made dough.

Pasta Maker Motor

The pasta Maker offers a new Motor a00-11 from emeril lagasse, making it a little more reliable, the machine comes with a free cleaning kit and comes with 2 cups and 3 cups. It can make pasta up to 9 cups size, the marcato pasta Maker Motor is For use with the pasta noodle maker, which is additionally available as a hand crank model. This Motor is designed to suit into other models that require a hand crank to make pasta, the hand crank version of the pasta noodle Maker allows you to make more pasta at once, which is excellent For making pasta dishes with meat or vegetables. The marcato pasta Maker Motor is further compatible with the other models in the pasta noodle Maker family, marcato is a quality Motor For pasta Maker that is produced in italy. It is a smallish part of the motor, and is produced from a materials that are both durable and strong, it presents an octagon-shaped Motor and is built with an angle of 0. 8 degrees, the Motor For the pasta Maker is only For the 700 electric pasta maker.