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Regina Pasta Maker

Regina pasta Maker machine is fabricated in italy in a beautiful wood and metal finish, it imparts a high-quality performance with an easy-to-use platform and a reach of 10 cm. The pasta Maker imparts of 10 cm and is manufactured with high-quality materials, it is first-rate for the most demanding pasta making tasks.

Regina Atlas Pasta Maker

This marcato atlas Regina extruder pasta Maker is an excellent pasta Maker that is in excellent condition, it grants an italian made effect and is very basic to use. The marcato is a delicious and easy-to-use pasta Maker that peerless for a suitor digging for an uncomplicated and vegetarian pasta maker, this model provides a humidity and temperature regulated machine, so you can create pasta with or without salt, flour, and eggs. The marcato atlasregina's extruder is also and easy-to-use, this is a for the marcato atlas Regina extruder pasta maker, which is an italian made vintage pasta maker. This machine is used to make pasta with pasta dough, the extender is designed to make it easier to make large batches of pasta. This marcato regia pasta Maker is an excellent addition to your pasta maker, this machine is manufactured with an atlas regia pasta Maker that imparts an arm that makes a variety of dough and sauce choices. The arm is ghost-isoni-cadmium non-stick surface that makes ensuring even and even coloring of the dough is critical, the arm also imparts an inclined angle that allows the arm to be moved around to create a variety of dough and sauce choices. The regia pasta Maker is moreover non-stick and offers an one-year warranty.